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DND Outreach Programs

You want to share the magic of DND with your clients. You worry about all the startup, all the planning, all the prep. You know there’s a lot that goes into running a game. Look, let’s work together and build your dream DND outreach program at your office, school, or workplace. 

I work with groups, associations, and businesses to create structured DND programs that work. Before you know it, you’ll be running and creating games that make an impact. 

After an initial consultation to determine your needs, we work together to develop your ideal DND program. We go over what you need to set up your Game Master for success. We talk about how to create an atmosphere that fosters creativity. Plus, I help you find the resources you need to make your sessions a smashing success. 

Whether you’re building a social skills group, an after school club, an office retreat, or a Real Play podcast, I’ve got you. 

Clients and Partnerships

Spark Behaviorial Health and TMS

Spark Behavioral Health from Pleasant Grove, Utah offers DND group therapy. After working together to get the structure, materials, and process in place, they now tell amazing stories weekly. Each participant comes to the table with a desire to tell meaningful stories, exploring themselves through play. 

DND Outreach