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Ep 001 – First Episode! & Roleplay Tips

Last updated on September 23, 2020

Welcome to the Wonderful World of D&D

Welcome to the Engineered Adventures: RPG Talk Podcast! 

I’m your host, Chris Zegarra. I’ll be chatting on this podcast weekly to deliver the tools, skills, and strategies to help you engineer your adventure and level up your story both at the table and in real life. 

Table top Role Playing games hold a special place in my heart. I started my journey with Dungeons and Dragons, sitting with my cousin, brother, and friends at the table with my freshly designed character, Marcato Vivace.

I loved him. 

Confident and bold, this half elf bard sported a charming goatee and a burning desire to help others. He was a maestro on the battlefield, directing his team through tense combats and overwhelming odds. He was a patron of the arts, supporting aspiring musicians everywhere he went. 

Those nights at the table instilled a lifelong love for roleplaying games that I carry with me to this day. There’s nothing like RPGs. They provide the space to create incredible stories with your friends. While playing, you’re an audience member, active participant, and eager player all in one. You never know how the story is going to go before you sit down, and the ability to improvise and create with the people you love is what makes this medium so unique. 

D&D and My Life

I’m a better person because of these games. 

They taught me courage. They showed me I can start even if I’m jumping into the unknown. I learned to communicate and solve problems effectively with my team. I embraced my passion for storytelling, creating so many memorable adventures with my friends.   

I truly believe everyone’s lives would be better if they played more RPGs. 

That’s why I’m here. With over a decade of experience as a player, game master, and professional storyteller, I have tools to help. It’s why I donned the mic. I’m here to provide the legendary tools, practical skills, and pro strategies to help you engineer your ideal table top adventure with confidence. 

When Should I Start?

Now, more than ever, is a great time to start. 


Dungeons and Dragons is so so popular right now. It’s popularity exploded. In every form of media, you find people streaming, playing, exploring, and talking about this amazing game.


You have people like The Adventure Zone and Critical Role streaming professional level adventures. Bloggers, podcasters, and video streamers give advice, tips, and insights on how to play the game. We have memes, subreddits and threads dedicated to this game we all love. People paint miniatures, craft dice, and even create adventures for people to use, explore, and love. 

Whether your a player, a fan, or a game master, there’s space in this game for you. 


Let’s work together to level up your story, both at the table, and in real life. 


What About Roleplay?

Now, from all my years, I’ve noticed one obstacle, more obstacle-y than all other obstacles: Role Play. 


It sounds intimidating. “Roleplay” It evokes memories of embarassing activities in front of the class. It reminds one of that work training you’d rather forget. Even if you’ve seen “fun” roleplay from the pros, you may wonder how you even begin to replicate that.  


Take a breath. 


I get it. 


Roleplay doesn’t have to be awkward, or embarassing. 

It doesn’t even have to be hard. It can be simple, and a lot of fun.  


It all starts with perspective. 

Roleplay and Perspective

At the root of roleplay, you take on the role of a character, embodying their perspective in a unique situation. 

In roleplaying games like DND, you create your very own character. You build them, fill them with traits, skills, and experiences. They have ideals, backstories, and flaws. They know people and have people to count on. Through them you see the world. You make choices through them.  

Questions for Better Roleplay

When I roleplay, I want to really get into the mindset of my character. Over the years, I refined some questions to help me stay true to my character.  When faced with a situation, I ask myself the following three questions:

  1. What does your character notice most? 
  2. What does your character think and/or feel about what they notice? 
  3. What does you character choose to do, and how do they do it? 

What do they Notice Most?

It seems simple. You see what’s there, right? It’s not quite the case. When entering a grand dining room, a celebrated chef may notice things very differently from a seasoned combat veteran. Figure out how your character’s skills and backstory affect what they notice and you’ll start naturally seeing the world through their eyes. 

What do they think and or feel about what they notice?

We all think and feel about things on the inside. Your character does too. Think about how your character would react to what they see in a situation. This helps you walk in their shoes. How would they feel when faced with that thing? Revulsion? Curiosity? Awe? What logic is going on in their head? These ideas shape your character and guide your roleplay.

What does your character choose to do, and how do they do it?

 Once your character sees the world, thinks about what they saw, they’re ready to act.


What are they going to do about it?



Run away?


Figure out Whatever you do, let your character be your guide.


Figure out what they do AND how they do it. Remember, your character’s experiences shape their actions. A scrapy rogue raised on the streets may want to destroy the altar of extravagance and waste, while the wizard may want to explore the runic motif on the placemats with bookish curiosity. 


As I use these questions, I notice a greater engagement with the game. My friends at the table feel more engaged, and the world feels more alive too.  

Try these out. 

Hopefully they’ll work for you.

Anyway, thanks for joining me on this journey.  

We’ve got so much great in store and I’m excited to share. 

I want you to play your dream game, so let’s work together to engineer your great adventure.  

Be sure to subscribe so we can continue on this journey together. 

If you have any suggestions, ideas, or feedback, let me know. 

See you soon!

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