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Ep 003 – Character Seeds with Brandon

Last updated on September 23, 2020

Character Shards

Creating characters for DND is one of the most rewarding aspects of the game. You build an avatar to explore the world with your friends at the table. With the freedom TTRPGs offer, it can be intimidating to create a character. Brandon is a master of creating interesting player characters. We had the chance to talk about how to create engaging characters that are fun to play. I had a blast with Brandon and learned so much on how to create memorable character. 


He uses the idea of Character Shards to serve as the character’s core. They can be shards of your personality, a single idea, or a focused concept. They can be popular individuals in media. Wherever it comes from, the shard serves as a seed for a character to grow and develop through play. 

Keep it Simple

Your character doesn’t have to be perfect at first, in fact it shouldn’t be.


Keep it simple, focused around your shard.


At the table, give them a chance to grow and develop through the choices you make. Brandon explains this idea through his wood elf Cleric, Anderon. When he made the character, he wanted to explore the idea of protection and honor. He also wanted to be a Storm Cleric, a subclass that typically doesn’t worship Helm, the God of Protection. Instead of figuring it all out at first, he left the details vague so he could explore during play. Each week, the character grew organically, and he became a rich and engaging character.


Fun and engaging characters come from actual play, so don’t sweat it. Focus on your shard and it’ll guide your play, as you watch your character flourish.

Cool Things we Talk About

Here are some tips we talk about during the interview. Try them out during your next session. 


  • Take a shard of your personality and explore a character based on that trait. 

  • Take contrasting ideas and explore how they both shape your character. 

  • DND is a game, so when you build your character, make sure you build your character to be effective in multiple aspects of play. You want them to be both interesting and awesome.

  • You can build something great from any idea. 


Your character gives you the opportunity to see the world with a new perspective. Start with a shard, then enjoy the journey of exploring their growth and development at the table. I’m excited to see the stories you’ll tell. 

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