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Ep 005 – Ethan and the DND Hobbyverse

You've got to start playing DND!

Dungeons and Dragons is more popular than ever before!

Millions of people are finding the joy of sitting down each week to tell stories at the table with friends. Groups stream online through podcasts, live streams, and videos. We have celebrities talking about DND, sharing stories, and building full production shows around the games they play.

There has never been a better time to start playing. There are groups searching for you to start telling stories only you can tell. 

If you’re interested, I do Professional Online DND events. You can reach out here for an evening of fun with you and your friends. I also do Free Learn to Play sessions about once a month, so be sure to check out my social media for when the next one’s coming up. 

Even if you’re not able to play, there’s still other ways you can join in on the fun. 

There's so many ways to engage

Even when you aren’t at the table, there’s something fun you can do.

You can design and paint miniatures to represent your characters.

You can write deep backstories, paint pictures of your crew, and flesh out your world with wikis and tools.

You can even design your own adventures for people across the world to enjoy.

Ethan and the Hobbyverse

This exciting hobbyverse feels like a crazy mash up of storytelling, arts and crafts, world building, and self expression. In this episode, I had the chance to sit down with my good friend Ethan and what he loves to do when he’s not rolling dice at the table. 

Ethan’s one of the craftiest people I know. He’s been combining his talents with paints with his unique perspectives to create works of art through miniatures. 

I love talking with Ethan. We had the chance to sit down and talk about his equipment of choice when it comes to bringing the game to life with his paints, miniatures, and dice. 

We also got to talk about some of the great teams and groups creating exciting stories and content in the world of DND. 

Be sure you listen in, because there’s something here for you. Also, he provides a wealth of useful resources you’re going to love. There’s links below, so check them out. 

Links - None of these are affiliate links

Build and Paint your Own Miniatures

DND Content Creators

DND Toolbox

Fantasy Stuff for inspiration

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