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EP007 – Creativity & Conflict with RiLee

They befriended a Galeb Duhr and RiLee captured the moment! You can click the image to check out her Instagram. She does character commissions!
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Fun Starts with Creativity

Everyone wants to have fun at the table. We want thrilling moments, exciting adventures, and emotional swells that stay with you for years to come. 

My good friend RiLee White is a master at creating these moments. 

Whether it’s her engaging accents, her hilariously subtle humor, or her emotionally driven epic moments, she’s always making the story memorable.

Her fun creativity and approach to situations makes her an amazing co-storyteller to have by your side.

Plus, she makes amazing art during each session. (See above!)

Creativity, Internal Conflicts, & Art

During this interview, we talk about finding creativity through character creation and play. We explore some of her characters and where they came from. We deep dive into Phony, her Lawful Good Tiefling Paladin who serves righteously, while being unable to hold the holy artifacts of her god.

She talks about internal conflicts, and how they create complex and engaging characters. Emotionally driven moments come from wrestling with those internal conflicts in game. Personal truths can also be tested and explored through your characters at the table.

Your characters are your art. They are a part of you, but they aren’t you. Through them you are free to explore your own internal conflicts and see how it would play out at the table. Experiment with different actions and ideas. Through play, you discover personal truths while crafting great moments.

Here’s a few Key Takeaways from the Interview

Find creative inspiration by being a sponge and suck it all up. Comics, movies, even math can help you find the puzzle pieces you can mash together to create cool and exciting concepts. Be open to things and you’ll find inspiration everywhere.

It can be nerve-wracking to try to jump in and do fun stuff like jokes and accents and wacky stories. “What’s the worst that can happen?” 

“Just be fun. Be silly. Be you.”

When building your character, find that internal conflict and explore how that affects your character and the story. You don’t have to be weird about it, just find things that would make them more interesting. Ask yourself, ‘what would be fun?’ As you play through the scene, don’t be yourself, but ask what your character would do in that situation. Make them “Free Range Characters”

“DND can make you more confident in life. You can test out things you would do in situations in a safe place to get a feel for what it looks like in real life.”

“It’s always fun seeing how people interact with what you’ve made.”

If you’re looking to flex your creativity and craft more fun at the table, make sure you check out this interview with RiLee!

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Solutions to level up your story, straight to your inbox!
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