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Online Pro DND Events

Sign Up at


Send me a DM on Instagram or Twitter. 

  • The upcoming one shots will be determined from social media polls. 
  • Check out the Podcast or my Instagram page to be a part of those polls.

(Easy to use Sign up Form on the way!)

(Session Specifics on the way. I’m thinking October 2020. Until then, sign up and we can set up a special session for you and your friends.)


How it Works

We’ll connect you with the upcoming game held online 

  • Connect with the other members on a Pop Up Discord channel where we discuss characters and prepare for the one shot
  • We’ll use Roll20 and Discord to connect and play. Bring your character sheet, virtual (or real) dice, and your storycraft engineering spirit!
  • Enjoy hours of fun and adventure with committed adventurers ready to craft epic adventures with you at the table

I’m planning on doing a free Intro to DND Session once a month to teach you how to get started with other beginners, so if you’re interested in that, let me know. 

You can listen to my podcast for some tips if you want. But don’t worry, we’ll go over everything you need during the session. You’ll be telling epic stories in no time. 

Also, after each session I’ll give out coupon codes you can share with a friend!   😉