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DND for Professionals

You want to develop your all-star team to stay agile in the ever-changing marketplace.

You need a teambuilding program to develop skills quickly and effectively. Key skills including:

  • Communication, Problem solving & conflict resolution
  • Teamwork & mutual trust
  • Agile creativity
  • Goal Setting & Authentic decision making

Summon the Heroes

Tabletop Role Playing Games (TTRPGs) offer a shared collective experience where participants assume a role of a fantasy hero to work together as a team to conquer foes and save the day.

TTRPGs serve as the ideal teambuilding experience allowing your team to explore creative group storytelling, solve complex problems, and accomplish goals. 

Engineered Adventures offers years of professional optimization experience with a passion for running games to offer a focused and streamlined experience for corporate teams. 

Facilitated by a professional Game Master, team members will be able explore their creativity, practice group communication, and utilize conflict resolution to solve problems. 

During the professional Role Playing Experience, your team will do the following:

  • Identify and clarify a focused vision around a group goal. 
  • Develop team trust and collaboration.
  • Practice productive communication.
  • Identify and overcome obstacles to meet their objectives. 

How it Works

After signing up, we will connect with a 30-minut pre consultation to determine the session best fit to meet the needs and desires of your team. 

Each participant will receive a link to a short questionnaire to go over the rules and define specifics when playing the game. 

At the session, we begin with a quick rules & session overview before starting the 3-hour adventure. Each session includes an adventure guaranteed to inspire creativity and enhance your team as a cohesive unit. 

Specific props used in the session include:  

  • Professional music and ambience set list
  • Dice, figurines, and character sheets
  • Maps and other visual aids. 

We conclude the adventure with a 30-minute post-session briefing to discuss critical moments, identify key learnings, and highlight success.  We summarize these unique insights in a free takeaway handout.    

Two distinct 4-hour experiences can be held during a standard work day. 

Sign up Today

Your next professional and transformative session starts at $847 for a team of 3-5 players in the Salt Lake and Utah Valleys in Utah.

Accommodations are available for up to 8 players for an additional fee. 

We are currently running a winter discount for $432.  

We also include a free set of dice and a felt miniature for each participating team member. 

Contact us at to schedule your next session. 

We are excited share our passion with you and your team, and look forward to transforming your team through creativity, passion, and group storytelling. 

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